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Sunday, January 24, 2010

bathroom junkie

first complaint of the journey... the stupid keyboard on this mini laptop has magically switched back to providing me with weird symbols when i try and use question marks, apostophes and whatnot, so excuse the messiness of this blog until i get this madness figured out lol.

As soon as I got off the plane I walked through the airport for about 20 mins to figure out where I have to board later on today.... pretty sure that counts as my workout for the day, maybe I shouldve thought about the possibility of long long walks when i packed two carry ons that way about 100 lbs each! okay, slight exageration, but theyre pretty fricken heavy. After locating gate 51, which happens to be the second furthest gate from where I started out, I wandered aimlesly through the airport trying to find some diabetic-friendly food; painfully walking by starbucks where a week ago I would've stopped for a toffee almond bar, a peanut butter cookie, or possibly both. Since I was already pretty much drooling over the glass filled with treats that I will no doubt be dreaming about for weeks to come, I decided to grab a pamphlet entitled "nutrition by the cup", and to my excitement, discovered that I can still have my sugar-free caramel light frappucino! (without my usual extra whip and caramel of course, something's gotta give thought right?)

I felt a little bit like a junkie sneaking into the handicap stall in the airport bathroom to do all of this blood sugar shtuff, between trying to add up the carbs I was about to eat, and trying to correct my already high blood sugar levels, I must've been in there for at least 6 minutes. The worst part of the whole thing was that I put down the toilet seat lid so I could sit on it while doing all of the above and every time I moved the toilet kept flushing! Kiiiiiiind of awkward when water sprays out of the crack in between the seat and the lid. I can tell this is going to be a comical trip already haha.

sidenote: I can already tell that I'm going to be one of those "side dressing/sauce etc" girls from now on. Believe me, I'm just as unimpressed as the servers who get annoyed when you request to have the good stuff on the side... Don't judge those people anymore, the next person who does it could have just had a traumatic experience getting soaked by toilet water in the handicapped stall while craving toffee almond bars and trying to shoot up on insulin.

Well that's all of the excitement so far, can't wait to get some good pictures to put up here!

ps. shoutout to my mom for my new bling. aka medical alert bracelet. engraved with "insulin diabetic", i'm planning on using it to pick up guys. nbd.

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