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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

skype = crying

So good thing my roomate knows how to properly set a clock, I had set the time on my cell phone 2 hours behind and definately wouldnt have been up in time to make the tour today, way to get things off to a great start kendall lol. Last night was much much much better than the night before. Although getting a duvet that contains camels wool might not have been the brightest idea I ever had, woke up a few times with some minimal night sweatiness... Time to go get ready for this Lantau island tour that we're going on today, I hear it involves climbing like 600 stairs to see the worlds largest Buddha or something, hopefully I'll make quick friends with someone that can piggy back me =)

Over and out from Hong Kong

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  1. kendalll! You will never guess what we made your dad do tonight, he did his first jagerbomb and loved it! we took a few pictures to show you taylor will send them to you....he was lovin it and was getting quite drunk!
    Your trip sounds fun so far! Cant wait to read your next post!! Have fun